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We prepare students for success by using real experiences and a vast knowledge base to provide the best bang, for their buck.

Our instructors have traveled through 20+ years of combat ridden areas of the World, through all climates and conflicts to bring the very best niche-based training available on the market. We partner with Deliberate-Dynamics and Raidon-Tactical to bring you the best in the field, muscle-memory combat skills money can provide. In addition, Grey Cell based instruction on providing you or your employees with the ability to learn from industry professionals on topics such as Cyber-Securities when traveling abroad, maintaining a low cover in a hostile area, proper comms procedures & equipment management, and much more. If you have any special training, or educational needs, please feel free to contact us here at Grey Cell and we’ll custom tailor curriculum to meet your circumstances, and to ensure your guys make it out.

Grey Cell Reporting

We gather reports from conflict zones, and OSINT data that is not in circulation to ensure breaking news and updates.

Geo-Politics are our thing. We run through the mortar fire, and over the I.E.Ds to bring you the best content. By becoming a student of the antics and habits of the many country based politics of the World, you can prove to be an asset to many agencies and individuals whose lives depend on critical and correct information. We have many contacts throughout Africa, The Middle East, South America, and many other regions around the World, who produce content and take pictures from on the ground, in the face of live fire at times. We represent what actually happens, no media bias’ here gentlemen. For the latest pictures of the international war on The Islamic State, The Syrian Revolution, ranging to the current Mexican Drug Cartel situations and its reflection on the Mexican Governments, look no further than Grey Cell Live.

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We team up with some of the industries best gear manufacturers, and Training providers to ensure that our clients and readers get their hands on the best stuff, the best training, and the best news.

The quality versus quantity argument has quite a few caveats, however having the right gear and training is always about quality. Obviously, when it comes to laying down suppressive fire, quantity is where it’s at, but some times a few well placed bursts can get the job done, and get you back to doing what you do best: Laying Pipe in the enemy’s backyard. We’re here to help you get your job done, and get back home in the most professional and timely manner possible. Here’s some of the companies we’ve teamed up with to give you one hell of a selection.

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