Soft Skills Training

At Grey Cell we offer non-traditional intelligence and soft skills courses that you won't be able to find anywhere else. These classes are taught be industry professionals, and it's your time to capitalize on this opportunity.

The main reason Grey Cell is successful is our Soft Skills courses that we offer to DOD, LEO, and Civilians alike. We offer a huge array of courses, and many more that are not listed and have to be filled in on a as needed basis. We staff industry professionals who have employed these tactics in the field in classified environments, in addition to during life-dependant situations. All of our classes are available at an additional cost as a discrete 1 on 1, teacher and student arrangement if that is critical to your mission. Take a look at some of our more popular classes. Be sure to send us an email to, and we will get back to you ASAP with any applicable information you might need. We also accommodate large groups, departments, and agencies.


Discrete Photography
Personal Electronic Privacy(Electronic Countermeasures)
Secure Communication Techniques
Advanced Communication Techniques
Electronic Exploitation (sniffing and forensics)
Skip Tracing(Private Investigation)
15 Day OSINT Information Aggregation Course(Drone Footage Editing, Fusion)
30 Day Network Enabler Course
Google Earth Basic and Advanced
Advanced Interviewing Techniques(Body Language/Deception Detection)
Surveillance Detection and Counter Surveillance

Hard Skills Training

We Partner With Raidon Tactics, Deliberate Dynamics, and some other various hand-picked instructors to ensure that our clients get the full training immersion that is necessary for life saving or taking operations.

Through a few various companies and individual instructors, we’ve worked with before and have existing relationships with, we have the perfect instructor for any training needs or scenario. Since we here at Grey Cell have very specific “Soft Skills” that are desirable amongst many professionals in the industry, we’ve also ensured that going from our classes to the “Hard Skills” training regimens through our partners will be seamless, and integrate directly with what you learned through us. Here are some of the Hard Skills classes that we can vouch for through our partner organizations, that could very well one day save your butt.


Vehicle Borne Desert Survival
Personal Security Detail
Long Range Reconnaissance and Surveillance
Kidnapping Escape and Avoidance
Personal Protection Weapons
Long Range Rifle
First Responders Aid
Evasive Driving
10 day SERE
Man Tracking – Contact for more info on this class

Training Contact Information

For all communications at this point, please send any inquiries to the email address below. We will pass your email on to the correct department, and answer any and all questions, as well as address any comments from that point.

Here at Grey Cell, we characterize training into two common fields. Hard Skills and Soft Skills. What we classify as ‘Hard Skills’ are tactile, muscle memory, and handling skills. These types of training are provided by our partner companies, Raidon Tactical, and Deliberate Dynamics. They are both highly reviewed and rated due to their work with LEOs, DOD, and civilians looking to bolster their own awareness and weapons handling skills. The reason that we work with both of these teams of elite individuals are primarily location. Deliberate Dynamics runs their operations out of the West of the United States, mainly in Utah, however they do vary in location from time to time. Raidon Tactics runs their game out of North Carolina, and mainly service our customers in the East.

Soft skills are what we here at Grey Cell do, and we’re the best in the game. We run many specialized training classes with rigorous regimens, with the experience to back up what we teach. From Discrete Photography, to Trans-Atlantic virtual personal device simulations, we can custom tailor a class to fit your company’s needs, or address your departments concerns.


White Papers & Grey Matters

Here at Grey Cell, we are experts in our perspective fields. As such, we commonly produce content to assist professionals in related fields do their jobs more effectively. We published peer reviewed write-ups on various topics to ensure that you make it home at the end of the day, or get the information you need, when you need it.

We come from varied backgrounds of Law Enforcement, Military, Private organizations, Psuedo-Military complexes, and we’ve gone through our fair share of classes, and field time. We want to extend to you our knowledge based on these experiences and ensure that you get the more relevant, up to date information available to you. We ensure that our soft-skills training, while not only the most current, is the best available training that any department, or organization can send you to. By providing such a high quality product and experience for our clients, we maintain a reputation amongst varied departments and individuals whose professionals entail high risk, specialized skills.

Check out our ‘Grey Matters‘ section of the site which contains write-ups on varied skills. This information is free, and available for download. Be sure to share this information with your friends and colleagues to help us spread the word about what we do. If you have any questions about training schedules, prices, or simply want to know more about a course, send an email to

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