By Moses Gunvald


Grey Cell Press, 27 Sept 2015


It’s not all Obama’s fault. The truth is that US foreign policy has been broke for a while. Both Republicans and Democrats have royally screwed our national interests to the point that it will take a miracle to fix them now.  There is a tipping point, going to close to the edge, and it is not possible to be “too big to fail”. The fact is that we reached that tipping point years ago. We looked over the edge, just to see what was down there, and fell right over performing a face plant like the roadrunner pulled a fast one on us. We thought there was no way for the United States of America to lose global influence and become the nagging backseat driver of geo-politics and conflict resolution.


But really, lets be honest, it’s not just the politicians who are to blame. The Department of Defense is just as responsible due to leadership cowardice and forgetting the simple fact that the men and women in uniform are there to fight for their country. A General, sitting in a chair in Kabul or Baghdad, scared of casualty numbers more than the enemy is not a person that should hold a position of authority in the most lethal fighting force in the history of the world. A Lieutenant Colonel commanding an infantry regiment should look to make a name for his unit by defeating the enemy, not by declaring with pride that his unit had zero casualties in war.


(As a man with multiple combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan I’m not saying that we should be comfortable with losing our brothers and sisters in war, but we must understand that with war comes the fact that there will be casualties if you hope to be successful on the battlefield.)


Even the Special Operations community holds some responsibility in our national failures over the past fifteen years with the propagation of whack-a-mole drone strikes and trying to find, fix, and finish a grievance instead of the whole of an enemy force. They have forgotten the true power, and application, of Foreign Internal Defense (FID); having passed that responsibility to conventional forces and the CIA.


Then there is the Department of State. The very name brings a feeling of dread to those who have had to deal with them in a combat zone or in areas where the DOD has been tasked with a mission. They have forgotten that diplomacy only works when you have a group of men willing to cause destruction to our enemies behind it. The path to world stability is not found at a conference table unless that conference table is filled with people who fear you.


That brings us to the root of the problem. The United States has forgotten that we are a country of hardened warriors, a country that looks evil in the face and dares it to cross a line; a country that will drop a nuclear device just for their enemy refusing to surrender (not once but twice). That Allies have one another’s back and sitting at the negotiating table with a country that continues to threaten their very existence is a “no go.”


The results of the US global dysfunction are as follows:

  • China is expanding in the Pacific at ludicrous speed
  • Russia is taking the lead in the Middle East and now has Israel, Egypt, and other countries looking to it for answers. Not to mention Japan is rumored to have engaged Russia for reasons unknown.
  • Millions of refugees are flooding Europe accelerating the “Islamization” of that continent by decades
  • Mexican Drug Cartels are starting to conduct cross border kidnappings into the US


And then there is The Islamic State, AKA ISIL, a terrorist organization able to gain and hold large territories in Iraq and Syria, and expand into Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Egypt and other countries. The truth is that the US did not create ISIL but it’s lack of an effective strategy allowed it to become what it is today.


So, enough with the complaining already. The items mentioned above have been written about, at length, by a multitude of others and nothing has changed. The purpose of this article is to point out three ways to fix this problem.


  1. Fighting to kill is fighting to win.
    • If there is ever going to be a hope for mitigating a third world war and bringing about a semblance of peace we must engage in total warfare at strategic global locations in order to kill the existing threats to global stability. That means going all in against the Islamic State and erasing their very existence from human memory. This is done by the US unleashing its full military machine in Iraq and Syria to the likes of what occurred in Nazi Germany during WWII. But that is just part of the solution. Just as important is the US unleashing the intelligence community and it’s most secretive special operations units to hunt and kill any and all sympathizers to ISIL wherever they may rest. ISIL must be punished to the extent that no one will ever think of conducting such activities again. In a quote from my favorite comic book, The Punisher, “In certain extreme situations, (international) law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside of (international) law. To pursue… Natural justice. This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive. It’s an emotional response. No, not vengeance. It’s punishment.” (The word international added)
    • Second is North Korea. Its constant threats to international security and the US must be dealt with. There is little doubt that the US knows the whereabouts of its nuclear facilities and thus it should act, in one single night, to neutralize the arsenal and assist South Korea in taking control of the entire peninsula. This problem has gone on for far to long and its time to stop.
    • By completing these two actions, which are by no means are simple, the US will regain its status as a global military leader and a country not to be taken lightly. The follow on results will see the world coming to the US and not the other way around.
  2. Drop the dead weight.
    • For far too long the US has propped up governments and regimes that spit in the face of everything we stand for as a country. No other country does this more then Saudi Arabia; which is basically the globally accepted form of ISIL. Saudi Arabia has almost zero influence outside of its oil, they commit outrageous crimes in other countries (including the US) while using their money to escape prosecution, and they reject the most basic human rights (although they set on the UNHRC). But that doesn’t stop the world from whoring with them. Its time for this to end. By totally cutting off relations with Saudi Arabia until major reforms in the government and human rights (including religious freedom and gender rights) are complete and implementing travel bans for its citizens entering the US, the desert kingdom will lose what little ground it has in geo-politics. There is a very real possibility that these actions will cause Saudi Arabia to unit with our foes or even to increase its support to terrorism however, for the solution to this problem (if it happens) see the above.
    • Similarly, Pakistan is a country that has a history of supporting terrorism, persecuting minority religions, and being an overall dick to India. Drop them and don’t look back (ever).
    • Lastly, the United Nations (UN) is about the most useless organization ever created. The US should not only stop all funding and drop out but it should also strongly suggest that the organization move elsewhere at their own expense.
  3. Strengthen alliances and make new friends.
    • It is VERY likely that the above-mentioned moves will create a lot of enemies in the world. That is why strengthening our alliances with countries like The United Kingdom (UK), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Israel will be so important. It will also be extremely important to make new friends and there is no other old salty dog the US should have in its corner more than Russia. Russia holds massive amounts of influence with China and Iran, they hate Islamic expansion, and they have natural resources that could help reduce global energy prices if properly applied. Russian citizens are very much like Americans and both of our countries could benefit from a closer relationship. But the number one reason is that at its core, I really believe, that Russia wants to be part of “The West” and by bringing them into the fold many global problems will simply cease to exist. For instance, if both Russia and the US told Iran to knock off the shenanigans or face invasion from the north and south Iran would cower. If Russia told China that they were going to hold joint military drills with the US in the Pacific, maybe around some islands that are contested for instance, China would be upset but they would shut up and take it because at the end of the day they might have one of the largest armies but they can’t move them one inch towards engagement without getting destroyed from the air. So forget the reset button, sign a treaty.
    • With this, going back to Egypt, and building stronger relations with India, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Guatemala will be good for the future alliances the US will need to secure its interests.


There are many global problems not mentioned within this article but the point wasn’t to list everything and how to fix it. The point was to layout a way ahead for giving the US back its backbone and reestablishing its greatness in the world. We must move past playing tee-ball and put foot to ass in a world that thinks we are in decline and the equivalent to a yappy Chihuahua.