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At Grey Cell, we not only employ and seek subject matter expert area reports, but we also encourage game changing articles to assist and aid professionals in the field. All articles posted are vetted excruciatingly to ensure that our reader base not only has the most up-to date information available, but can repeatably rely on Grey Cell for relevant information.

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pdficonPDF – Location, Location, Location – A write up consisting on interviewing subjects in different locations, and the effects of the locations on said subjects. This piece, while written from multiple perspectives, provides an in depth viewpoint from an experienced debriefer.

pdficonPDF – Following Up – Another look at interviewing techniques, this time focusing on the 2nd interaction with a subject, and the intricacies that many professionals overlook when making that crucial 2nd contact.

pdficonPDF – Baghdad Overview – While GreyCell offers custom tailored packages for individuals, entities, and groups, here are a few examples of our C4ISR offerings.