Grey Cell’s extensive analysis experience propels them to the vanguard of security field.  Using cutting edge technology and a vast network of human information sources, Grey Cell provides timely and accurate analytical products, enabling their customers advance notice and valuable insight.

Threat Assessment Reports
Grey Cell’s Threat Assessment Report is the foundation product, specifically tailored to the needs of each individual client.  After a free consultation, Grey Cell focuses the appropriate resources to the meet customer needs.  Grey Cell initially conducts an in-depth analysis, researches the client provided parameters, then provides a layered assessment coupled with appropriate mitigating recommendations.

Virtual Threat Assessment Reports
Understanding that individual clients have diverse needs, Grey Cell offers a Virtual Threat Assessment Report.   Incorporating unique procedures, Grey Cell employs proven investigative and analytical methodology to produce a comprehensive report that identifies client’s vulnerabilities and proposes mitigating steps for continued customer-related influence.

Comprehensive Threat Assessment Reports
Dedicating the same assets as the Virtual Threat Assessment Report, the Comprehensive Threat Assessment Reports is the highest form of assessment that is offered by Grey Cell.   As part of this report a team of Grey Cell professional will visit as many facilities as desired by the client to perform an on the ground and detailed assessment of threats and security of the client.  The assessment contains a comprehensive list of recommendations that encourage clients to change or modify in order to continue their business with limited interruption.

Geographic Assessments Reports
In today’s global economy personnel are required to travel to the far corners of the world.  Many of these areas not only are foreign they are a morass of constantly changing political, economical, and criminal situations.  Grey Cell gives an organization that informational edge to help it protects globally located assets, whether personnel, or actual physical facilities.

Regional Assessment Reports
With the decline of border relevance resulting from globalization, Grey Cell creates Regional Assessment Reports.  Geographically tailored to customer needs, Regional Assessment Reports provide detailed insights on language, culture, politics, crime and other current events which could present client concern.

Local Assessment Report
In an effort to eliminate ground gaps and “known unknowns”, the Local Assessment Report drills down further to evaluate geographic locations for customers.  Focusing on areas that are commonly the size of a state or province the Local Assessment Report gives even more detailed information preparing our clients for any activity in that area.

Point Assessment Report
The pinnacle of Grey Cells geographic reporting is the Point Assessment.  This assessment drops a microscopic focus onto an area the size of a town or city.   Through use of this report, clients gain a true ambient perspective.  Foreign street corners become familiar, trusted local facilities are designated, and the distance to emergency services are provided in a comprehensive report that details the neighborhood pulse of specific locations.

Biographical Assessment Report
Economic and political spheres of influence are driven by relationships.  Every successful association requires a construction of sub-components. In order to better understand complex organizations, Grey Cell breaks down the structure of personalities to individual levels.  In order to get as clear of a situational snapshot as possible, Grey Cell provides Biographical Assessments for designated networks.  Using non-intrusive techniques and readily available public information, Grey Cell provides our clients the most up to date information on a specific networks and their components

Upon receipt of your organization’s requirements, Grey Cell is able to tap into in their vast network of validated information streams in order to synthesize and provide a detailed assessment of your company venture’s potential risk, recommend mitigation actions to said risk and additionally can provide threat reduction options. Grey Cell’s systematic investigation of your organization’s requirements, coupled with state of the art up to the minute interface can provide your organization the important information you need to make important timely decisions.