At Grey Cell, we are a cohesive team of experienced individuals with nearly a century of cumulative years spent at the highest levels of US Government in foreign and domestics operations. With experience at the strategic, operational and tactical levels, Grey Cell personnel cover the full spectrum of information operations and training.  It is our goal to package and process this knowledge gained in a format that is designed for each individual customer.  Grey Cell has taken its years of experience and created in depth training programs for a variety of clientele.  Whether it’s daily information updates to specific threat areas, weekly synopsis, monthly social media coalescence or one of our many training packages, Grey Cell has the expertise to provide required information your organization needs to make crucial decisions.


In 2005, a fellowship was formed to change the way their organization trained in order to change the way their organization functioned. This group  set out on a journey of determination to identify and absorb the most effective training tactics, techniques and practices in order to force-multiply, fuse and hyper-sensitize their contemporaries. By doing so, synergistic systems and patterns emerged in such a manner as to become predictive in nature. Through recognizing emerging patterns and trends, Grey Cell is able to focus your organization’s requirements through the haze, isolate appropriate frequencies and coordinate multi-disciplined agencies to effectively harmonize efforts. The separation of the sounds from the noise enables accurate, predictable situational interpretation of ambient information.

With real time, accurate international information, and news from local accurate sources, Grey Cell is the number one source for minute-by-minute news spanning the globe.  Grey Cell strives to bring you the most accurate information from local sources that you can read instantly, allowing informed decision-making on international policy, politics, and business.




Arthur Nazaryan is a NY-based videographer and photographer who’s images have been published in several publications including the BBC, Guardian, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, and Huffington Post, with the New York Times featuring his local photography.  Arthur travels extensively and has recently produced and shot a documentary on Somalia.



Today’s world is ever changing and increasingly more complex. Grey Cell Business Intel Unit understands the global changes happening right now and has the knowledge base and analysts to accurately assess future economic, political and business events. We develop forecast packages for any country around the globe capable of unraveling the most complex countries and  cultures. We operate in virtually every country and cover every developed and emerging market. Our understanding of local nuances brings a level of insight about individual countries and industries that you cannot find elsewhere.

Grey Cell will engage on the ground level to bring you the most up to date, comprehensive analysis of key stability and business indicator forecasts, current policy, risk and economic analysis for any country.

For more information, contact our Business Unit directly.

Email us at: intel@greycell-live.com



Grey Cell draws from a large number of writers and contributors that are located all over the globe.  The majority of the articles and information come directly from the local sources.  Key members of our team are listed below, however, the list of contributors is exhaustive.


Stephanie Olson is a Juris Doctorate candidate at the University of Washington School of Law and writes extensively on foreign policy, politics and legal issues. She previously attended George Mason University School of Law, where she was a member of George Mason’s Law Review. Stephanie is passionate about international relations and received her bachelor’s degree in International Studies at Wheaton College and received a second undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Springfield, graduating magna cum laude.


Jonny Eberle writes extensively  on Politics, Foreign Policy and Domestic Issues.  He received his degree in Journalism and Political Science from Northern Arizona University and has worked for several publications as a columnist and Op Ed positions.


Zeynep Tekin was born in Ankara and currently writes on foreign policy and international relations focusing on the Middle East and Africa.  He holds a degree in International Relations and is currently based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Mason Pereyra’s career began in a military intelligence related field. His primary areas of expertise began in South and Central America. Mason excels in non-permissive environments, and spends the majority of his time abroad. Pereyra now travels, writes extensively and participates in intelligence-oriented think tanks on behalf of the Grey Cell Conflict Information Network.


Jacob Horvat’s (a pseudonym) career in specialized SOF- and intel-related military service spanned over two decades and continues in the civilian world.  As a civilian consultant has provided extensive assistance to a number of government, religious and corporate/secular organizations whose personnel must travel abroad. He  currently writes for the Grey Cell Conflict Information Network from an overseas location.


David Reeder is a freelance journalist and technical writer based in the Midwest. He has written for a number of places, including US News & World Report, Military.com (where for two years he was an Associate Editor), Soldier Systems Daily and a number of trade publications (such as SWAT Magazine, SWAT Digest, Tactical Weapons, RECOIL and OFFGRID). He currently works as the web editor for SORC/RECOIL, as a media/marketing consultant and a contributor to the Grey Cell Conflict Information Network. Prior to his retirement Reeder spent two and a half decades in the military and law enforcement working billets ranging from patrol to counter-narcotics.